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DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

January 21st, 2014

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and so it seems like the perfect time to share this easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor post. I didn’t want to have to go out and purchase anything as I typically do not decorate for Valentine’s Day. So, my mission began as I rummaged through my office to find supplies that could possibly work to create some sort of DIY Valentine’s Day Decor without spending any money! This is what I came up with for supplies…

Supplies for my 1st DIY Valentine's Day Decor Project

Supplies for my 1st DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Project

I also used hot glue, scissors & white primer for this first project (which I accidentally forgot to put in the photos).  I decided to make a DIY vase filled with paper feathers, paper arrows and paper hearts. I thought that it would be a perfect DIY Valentine’s Day Decor project as it certainly feels a little Valentinesie (yes, I know that’s not a real word, hehe) but doesn’t feel like your typical Valentine’s Day Decor.

The silver cylinder thing is actually an old bathroom cup or maybe toothbrush holder (not sure which one it’s supposed to be) that I had laying around. I used my ever so trusty hot glue gun and glued the bottom of the bathroom cup to the top of the candle stick holder. I then brought it outside and gave it a couple coats of white primer. I wanted it to be a flat white, so I didn’t even bother painting it.The final step of the DIY vase, was attaching the studded trim. I had that trim laying around from another project, so I measured out how much I needed, cut it and then just used my hot glue gun to attach it. Voila…vase was complete, all for $0!

Paper feathers, paper arrows & paper hearts

Paper feathers

The paper feathers are very simple to make.

1. Cut your piece of paper that you are using for the feather to the height that you desire the feather to be (from tip to tip) and then fold the end of the paper over.

2. Cut out the paper feather (or draw the shape first as I did). It doesn’t have to be perfect as all feathers are different and it actually looks good having different shapes of feathers.

3. If you plan on adding glitter to your feathers, you can do this before you trim up the feathers or after. I prefer to do it before as it just seems easier to me.

4. Once you are are ready to make the “feathers,” keep your feather folded in half and cut in your feather at an angle starting from the top tip and going all the way down to bottom.

5. Open up your feather and that’s it, you’re done.

To make your paper hearts and arrows, you do it the same way as you did the feathers (step 1 above). I’m sure most of you have made a heart this way before. In case you were unsure of how I made the arrow, here’s a picture showing the shape that I drew and then I cut it out and unfolded it to get the full shape of the arrow.

Paper arrows

Paper arrows

One I had all my shapes cut out, I took some skewers that I had left over from a sunburst mirror project and glued them on the seams of the backs of my paper feathers, arrows and hearts . I then filled my DIY vase with sand, topped it with fake snow and put my skewers in. There you have it, project #1 for my DIY Valentine’s Day Decor post.

Paper feathers, arrows & hearts in a DIY vase

Paper feathers, arrows & hearts in a DIY vase

This second DIY Valentine’s Day Decor project is so easy, I mean real easy…real, real, real easy…do you get how easy it is? The supplies that I used for this project were all that you see in the below photo (plus my silhouette cameo, which I used to cut out the shapes that I needed, but you could also use scissors).

Supplies for my 2nd DIY Valentine's Day Decor Project

Supplies for my 2nd DIY Valentine’s Day Decor Project

Here are the very detailed and extremely hard to understand directions (lol):

1. Cut your paper to the desired width and length.

2. Cut a heart out of it (or any shape that you want).

3. Tape the paper together on the back side of the candle and you’re finished!

DIY Valentine's Day "candle covers/wraps"

DIY Valentine’s Day “candle covers/wraps”

Mission Accomplished: Two DIY Valentine’s Day Decor projects that cost no money to make (only used stuff that I had in my home).

Clearly, you will not want to burn your candle with the paper at the same height as the top of the candle as that’s a fire hazard. For me, I just plan on using them for decor purposes only and will not end up burning them until after Valentine’s Day when I take the paper off.

Well, that’s it for my DIY Valentine’s Day Decor post. I hope you enjoyed and learned something. What’s your favorite DIY Valentine’s Day Decor that you’ve ever made? Do you typically decorate for Valentine’s Day?

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